There is some training that requires your Manager’s approval in order for you to enroll. In such cases, here is the enrollment workflow:

  1. In the Catalog, below the training title, you will see the ‘MANAGER APPROVAL REQUIRED’ icon ( ) instead of Enroll ( ) icon
  2. Clicking on this icon will take you to the details page of the training where you will see the list of classes in the course
  3. Click on the REQUEST APPROVAL icon after selecting the class
  4. “Request for manager approval” popup will be displayed, select the Manager from the drop-down and click on SUBMIT button
  5. Managers will be notified about the approval request and they can either approve/reject the request
  6. Till the Manager approves the training, no further enrollment action can be carried out on the details page
  7. Only after the Manager’s approval, you can get enrolled in the training